The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss leading-edge developments in material enabled energy storage solutions for the future. The focus lies on current trends in batteries and capacitors towards novel material based solid state and nano-structured energy storage devices.
The workshop covers fabrication, analysis and simulation of key parameters of internal transport, heat transfer and structure-property relations.

Presentations of this Workshop (preliminary titles):

  • "Requirements for Tomorrow in view of Transportation"
    J. Affenzeller, AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria
  • "Li-Ion based Batteries (TBA)"
    S. Koller, VARTA Micro Innovation GmbH, Graz, Austria
  • "Electroceramic based energy storage - capacitors and all solid state battery"
    M. Puff, TDK Piezo and Protection Devices Business Group, Deutschlandsberg, Austria
  • "Nanoporous carbon-based materials for hydrogen storage"
    Ch. Mitterer, Montanuniversität Leoben - Chair of Functional Materials and Materials Systems, Leoben, Austria
  • "Understanding Nanoscale Processes of Ion Storage in Supercapacitors"
    O. Paris, Montanuniversität Leoben - Institute of Physics, Leoben, Austria
  • "Multiscale Characterization"
    R. Brunner, Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Leoben, Austria
  • "Data driven materials design"
    M. Deluca, Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Leoben, Austria

... and more


Collage of images to illustrate energy consumption and energy storage challenges of the future. Top images and left image sources:; Bottom right: Ferroelectric materials can be tuned by composition to disrupt long-range order and obtain a slim hysteresis loop. This is related with higher recoverable energy density. Advanced thin film processing methods, together with interface characterization and design, allow to minimize critical lattice defects thereby further enhancing applicable electric fields and energy density. Image: MCL

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