The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss current trends in integrated computational materials engineering. The workshop will mainly focus on structural materials such as steels and nickel-based alloys and discuss advanced design concepts for pushing strength and ductility as well as corrosion resistance of these materials. Special emphasis will be laid on physical based modelling of materials at multiple scales, on integrated computational tools that are bridging several length scales and on application of data science tools for materials development.

Presentations of this Workshop (preliminary titles):

  • "Atomistically informed continuum models of deformation and failure"
    A. Hartmaier, Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Material Simulation (ICAMS), Bochum, Germany
  • "Integrated multi-scale computational material and process engineering for areo engine components"
    A. Fischersworring-Bunk, MTU Aero Engines, Munich, Germany
  • "Coupling CALPHAD-based Thermodynamics to Machine Learning"
    R. Otis, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA
  • "Precipitation engineering with MatCalc"
    E. Kozeschnik, TU Wien Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria
  • "Computational approaches for grain boundary Engineering"
    L. Romaner, Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Leoben, Austria
  • "Computational methods for alloy design"
    O. Peil, Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Leoben, Austria

... and more


Computational Materials Design, image: MCL
Computational Materials Design at various length scales, image: MCL

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